Pimp your DAM – Metadata under control

The current digital asset management systems are highly powerful in terms of functionality. Surely you also have a functionally powerful DAM in use. However, most systems fail when it comes to the incredibly important topic of metadata maintenance. Here are some typical practical examples:

  • Metadata is created differently by internal DAM users.
  • External asset suppliers such as photographers, agencies, business partners etc. do not have access to the DAM and cannot edit metadata.
  • Metadata categories that are subsequently introduced are difficult to fill only by DAM authorized users.
  • Individual access to certain metadata is not possible with the DAM system.

Fortunately, you do not have to live with these restrictions. With DAM United’s Metadata Editor, you can display metadata from your DAM using a modern, responsive HTML5 interface. This means that a user logged into the DAM system can invite external asset suppliers such as photographers, agencies, and business partners to view and edit assets – without giving them access to the DAM system. With the appropriate authorization, you can control which data can be edited by whom. You can also use the Metadata Editor to request specific metadata from internal colleagues, e.g. from the specialist departments. These do not need authorization for the DAM either.

The Metadata Editor is connected to the DAM via API and writes corresponding information to the database of your DAM in a secure and always traceable manner. Quite simple! Quite safe!

If you too would like to pimp your DAM with this effective tool, take a look here: https://www.dam-united.com/simplify/metadata-editor/