Digital asset management systems are extremely powerful when it comes to functionality. In many cases, however, they are too complex, especially when it comes to searching for and accessing images.

Here are typical examples:

  • Enormous range of DAM functions cannot be used with small
  • Access from outside and with mobile devices is strongly limited
  • Searching for and using images is usually only possible with training effort
  • External users such as business partners or service providers must be created subject to licensing and connected via VPN
  • It is not possible to set up individual access levels that are freely accessible via the web (e.g. a protected area for distribution / dealers or a public area for the press).

DAM Access is a modern, responsive HTML5 interface for searching and displaying assets. It simplifies access to assets in your DAM and puts an end to typical restrictions.

The advantages

  • Easily browse, view, use, and request assets and their organizational structures from anywhere with any device
  • Define any number of access rights and individual access levels (without additional costs)
  • VPN-free and secure access to defined internal sources and assets
  • Consolidated view of multiple asset sources with minimal effort
  • Easy integration with other modules of the ‘Simplify your DAM’ solution family from DAM United leads to synergies
DAM United DAM Access increases the flexibility in the use of assets. Simple, cost-saving and secure!”

Roland Berg,
DAM United AG

Simplify your DAM!

Our DAM Access is able to display assets and their organizational structures via a modern, responsive HTML5 interface. Authorized internal and external users can use any device to search for images from anywhere and download or request the results. The intuitive interface is immediately understandable for everyone.

The solution enables you to display different access interfaces for different authorized users. DAM Access serves as a gateway between the Internet and your protected DAM system. The clients can be configured so that the access is either public or protected e.g. by user name and password. Security is always fully guaranteed, even without VPN access. In addition, we adapt the access window with logo and color so that it corresponds to your CI.

As numerous as the possibilities are, so flexible is the licensing.
We offer you DAM United DAM Access as a classic purchase variant (plus maintenance contract), as a rental model (incl. maintenance) or as a solution hosted by us (incl. maintenance). For implementation and customizing, we distinguish between standard and individual variants/requests.