Pimp your DAM – Store assets in compliance with DSGVO/GDPR

The current digital asset management systems are highly powerful in terms of functionality. Surely you also have a functionally powerful DAM in use. However, the handling of personal data is problematic. Legal traps lurk here, but fortunately there is a good solution for them.

The background: DAM systems manage countless contents that represent or contain personal data. Since the entry into force of the Generell Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO/GDPR), these are subject to special data protection regulations. Pictures and videos of private individuals can easily reveal not only their ID or name, but also their ethnic origin, physical or mental condition, religious views and more.

Such personal data is considered to be particularly sensitive personal data and as such is subject to more stringent conditions under the GDPR. DAM United has developed the GDPR Tool for this purpose. It helps DAM users to obtain consent for personal data in accordance with the DSGVO/GDPR and to manage it in a legally compliant manner. Quite simple! Quite safe!

If you also would like to pimp your DAM with this effective tool and above all avoid possible lawsuits, take a look here: https://www.dam-united.com/simplify/gdpr-tool/