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DAMlivery – dynamic image delivery

You too can benefit from the unique delivery platform for images/assets from any (image) data source and a secure asset life cycle!

The leading digital asset management systems are technically mature and functionally powerful. Unfortunately, DAM systems are not very efficient in practice when it comes to regularly providing a large number of images in different formats for webshops (e-commerce systems), but also for portals, websites and the like, the keyword being mass export.

Typical restrictions are:

DAMlivery from DAM United solves these and other limitations. Instead of exporting thousands of digital assets in countless formats and variations from the DAM system to specific destinations, they are available in the DAMlivery server with unique URLs - at any time and in every conceivable format and variation. The perfect alternative to the usual, sluggish mass export.

DAMlivery offers you these advantages:

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There are many possible usages, here are some examples:

"With DAMlivery, we offer companies with many images, countless image variations and various export destinations a much better alternative to the usual mass export to FTP/SFTP/HTTP/S3 servers. The more images, the greater the benefits! Thousands of images can be delivered dynamically, SEO-optimised and with incredible speed for webshops, websites, portals and the like in an automated process with minimal effort. Our multi-level cache is technically mature, DSGVO-compliant, secure and designed for very large data sets. Each image only needs to be fetched once from the DAM system - no matter how many variants are generated. We make images in DAM systems addressable via URLs. And companies can securely guarantee an asset lifecycle and be sure that only the images that should be live are available externally."