SINCE 2015

Albert Kerbl GmbH is a producer and wholesaler of a very wide range of accessories for animal breeding and husbandry, and is one of DAM United AG’s long-standing customers. The company uses a large stock of pictures and a large number of videos and 360° photo players to convincingly present and communicate its range of products. Kerbl uses the Picturepark DAM for their administration. DAM United supported Kerbl during the implementation of Picturepark and installed and configured the system.

What Kerbl needed was the most efficient, automated processes as possible for working with assets and designing and producing his online and print media. DAM United integrated Picturepark with the Viamedici EPIM by means of a self-developed interface. The structured data stored in the PIM correspond perfectly with the images, videos, data sheets etc. managed in the DAM. Assets and data can be transferred automatically to the desired publishing process with the connected publishing system priint:suite.

Numerous traders are important purchaser and interfaces to customers for Kerbl. Here too, DAM United has created an efficient solution in the form of an export service: Using simple or complex search queries, Kerbl employees can automatically query the desired assets from the DAM and then provide them with the correct customer-specific naming convention, for example. The service programmed by DAM United, for example, checks whether an image of the product is available and, if not, selects suitable alternatives. The service is completely configurable and can be integrated into any existing system via REST API.

As a third application, DAM United has set up a protected media portal for its purchaser, through which they can easily search and download assets based on the Picturepark DAM.

‘With DAM United, we have real media professionals at our side who are well experienced in digital asset management and related technologies such as PIM, e-commerce and publishing. From the first pitch and the workshops, they provided us with the ideal advice and support, from the implementation of our complex infrastructure to the ongoing optimization of our operations. DAM United always remained within the budget and delivered a suitable, future-proof and scalable solution for our current requirements.’
Bernhard Handl,
Data Manager at Kerbl