Images, videos and other digital assets are increasingly shaping the way organizations communicate. However, it is difficult for companies and institutions to find the right Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution and then custom-made it to work with other systems.
After all, an industrial company with international locations has completely different demands on DAM than a brand or a regional service provider.
‘Digital asset management is experiencing a renaissance as marketing executives are faced with new challenges in managing the growing volume, diversity and speed of content assets.’
Jake Sorofman / Andrew Frank from Gartner
DAM is not a silo. Although there are typical tasks such as digital rights management, conversion and metadata management that a DAM solves quasi internally, the interaction of the DAM system with other solutions is usually the Achille’s heel in practice. Not only do we have intimate knowledge of the leading systems themselves, but we also know the efforts and stumbling blocks in interaction with other systems such as PIM, CMS, Experience Platforms, etc.

We support you with consulting, requirements analysis, training and implementation in all phases and ensure that you can use assets of any type and quantity professionally, efficiently and legally compliant in the most diverse media and channels: across locations, scalable, on-premises or in the cloud.


Right from the start, we make sure that DAM does not become a sluggish silo for our customers, but is productively connected to PIM, CMS, shop engine, streaming server, ERP, etc.. We ask the right questions and listen. We have the right consulting formats for everyone – starting with a free initial consultation to various topic and strategy workshops.

We like to share our experience. Together with your team, we will define the DAM requirements, analyse the essential processes and determine which file formats and metadata schemas need to be implemented. From this we derive a recommendation for the most suitable system and, if desired, also support you in negotiations with the producers. As already mentioned: We work 100% producer-neutral!


DAM is always a tailor-made suit. We are good at adapting DAM systems perfectly to your architectures. SOAP, REST, SDK and API are our tools to implement your version. What doesn’t work efficiently out-of-the-box anyway, we make it better-lighter-automated with our own solutions. If the standard user interface of a software is too complex or several functions are to be executed at the push of a button – our in-house developments ensure this!


For us as DAM veterans, it is sometimes hair-raising how much time is wasted in companies due to a lack of knowledge about the DAM system. Our initial trainings and trainings for larger software updates are a remedy. We train both individuals and large teams worldwide – in German and/or English – on your premises, in our training centers in Berlin and Essen or online as webinars. If desired, we can also coordinate the training participants across time zones. We always explain facts with practical examples and many exercises, so that a lot of knowledge ends up in the heads and not in training folders.


Of course we are also there for you during the running operation of the DAM system and support you if there are any questions or if there is a problem somehow. Support requests are recorded centrally and processed quickly. For standard software products we offer combined support and maintenance contracts, which also include support and updates of your system.



Working with images and especially video files requires secure, high-performance servers. Many detailed questions about hosting have to be clarified in order to achieve smooth results. Your own IT is sometimes overtaxed or an on-premise solution simply costs too much. Our affordable full-service package, which includes hosting and administration of the application, is the right solution for some customers.