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Metadata Editor

Metadata is essential to describe and classify digital assets. Metadata provides information about standard information such as creation date, file size, author, copyright information, etc., as well as geolocation (GPS data) or corporate categories. They are essential for searching and using large asset inventories in a practical way.

In practice, however, there are several reasons that lead to poorly maintained assets:

The Metadata Editor is a modern, responsive HTML5 tool for displaying, editing and managing metadata. It simplifies the maintenance of metadata for all digital assets.

The Metadata Editor offers you these advantages:

„The DAM United Metadata Editor increases the quality of your asset metadata. Simple, cost-saving and secure!”


Simplify your DAM

The Metadata Editor allows you to display metadata from the DAM using a modern responsive HTML5 interface. A registered user in the DAM system (e.g. CELUM) can invite external asset suppliers such as photographers, agencies, business partners to view and edit assets – without giving them access to the DAM system. With the appropriate authorization, you can control who can edit which data. They can also use the Metadata Editor to subsequently request certain metadata from internal colleagues, e.g. from specialist departments. These also do not need authorization for the DAM.

The Metadata Editor is connected to the DAM via API and writes corresponding information securely and always comprehensibly into the database of your DAM.

As numerous as the possibilities are, so flexible is the licensing.
We offer you the DAM United Metadata Editor as a classic purchase variant (plus maintenance contract), as a rental model (incl. maintenance) or as a solution hosted by us (incl. maintenance). For implementation and customizing, we distinguish between standard and individual variants/requests.