Partner since 2021

Lytho is a leading brand management solution built on a background of 30 years of knowledge in brand and digital asset management. Lytho’s innovative SaaS solution is one of the most user-friendly solutions on the market. They help organisations to efficiently keep their brand consistent.

Lytho significantly facilitates the sharing, creation, control and publication of all brand-related materials and increases efficiency. Using Lytho to manage your brand has many benefits, which can be roughly divided into the following four categories:

  • Brand consistency: Ensure that everything that goes out from your organisation is brand compliant and of the highest quality
  • Marketing efficiency: Scale content creation and save time on marketing activities
  • Improved collaboration: Help all colleagues and partners work on up-to-date versions and connect with your brand
  • Maximised talent: Take mundane tasks away from your team and enable them to make a real contribution

Lytho currently supports over 100 customers across a wide range of industries, including Friesland Campina, Lavazza Professional, Segway, DAF and Sodexo.

DAM United AG has added Lytho to its portfolio of services in 2021 and looks forward to future joint projects.

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