SINCE 2016

H. von Gimborn GmbH is a successful pet specialist with several brands, distribution in more than 40 countries and a 50-year company history. Gimborn’s goal is “magic moments between humans and pets” – and in order to convey this message, the company relies on high-quality pictures, videos, etc.

The company has around 24,000 digital assets in its portfolio. In 2016, Gimborn decided to work with the experts from DAM United in order to optimally manage these assets and use them in various media and channels such as websites, B2B web shops, catalogues, specialist shops, social media, etc. DAM United advised Gimborn, migrated the older CELUM IMAGINE to CELUM DAM, adapted it to the requirements, connected it to the Akeneo product information management system, LDAP / Active Directory and international AD servers and trained the employees in the use of CELUM.

Since then, all assets have been structured and are always available in the currently valid version. Service providers and customers have easy access to the required images and videos through SmartViews / PIN codes.

Since 2018, Gimborn has also relied on the DAM United Asset Uploader. Internal and external authorized persons can load assets directly into the Gimborn media pool in the DAM without detours and without CELUM access.

‘The cooperation with DAM United is very open, always fair and characterized by fast and reliable service. The DAM United Asset Uploader increases the usability of CELUM and contributes significantly to the success of our asset management’.

Karl-Josef Seidenst├╝cker,
H. von Gimborn GmbH