AdmiralCloud, Adobe Experience Manager, Canto Cumulus, CELUM, OpenText Media Manager, Picturepark, Pixelboxx, Programmfabrik easydb … – there are many DAM systems on the market that more or less promise the same: The management of assets. The differences in functionality, scalability and performance, usability, flexibility and even pricing are usually hidden and only become apparent during operation.

We have seen dozens of cases in which companies have bet on the wrong DAM horse even after intensive, costly evaluation. We protect you from them!

‘As companies use rich media assets on more and more channels, they need to take a closer look at Digital Asset Management (DAM). However, the DAM market is fragmented, and relatively few of the large, well-known software vendors offer DAM solutions.’
Nick Barber from Forrester

DAM United is your experienced partner in finding and deploying the best and most affordable solution for your digital ecosystem! Our years of experience and close networking with the manufacturers give us the best overview of the market. We know the history, status quo, roadmap and teams of the leading DAM vendors. Canto has helped build our consultants. We develop our own solutions for some systems such as CELUM and Picturepark.

Rely on our neutral expertise!

AdmiralCloud is part of the mmpro film and media production. The mmpro was founded in Berlin in 1999 and today has the largest bookable film production network in the world with 1400 film teams. In 2009 the mmpro was extended by the digital asset management solution AdmiralCloud and the associated picture editing service.

Canto, with its Cumulus DAM, has been a global leader in Digital Asset Management (DAM) software for over 30 years. The company has approximately 800 customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and more than 2,500 customers worldwide.

CELUM supports the best-known and fastest growing global brands with its market-leading DAM system. CELUM was founded in 1999 at the company’s headquarters in Linz/Austria and has offices in Germany (Munich), France, Slovakia and the USA.

The OpenTextâ„¢ Experience platform offers a range of integrated CEM solutions focused on delivering highly personalized content and strengthening customer loyalty along a continuous customer journey. OpenText Media Management is one of them.

Picturepark counts large and medium-sized companies from all industries among its customers. The Swiss company has been offering digital asset management with the highest quality standards since 2000. The DAM manufacturer has retained its ‘Swissness’ despite global expansion and locations in Vienna, San Francisco and southern India.

The high flexibility and adaptability of the software made it possible to establish easydb in very different industries. Whether press office, marketing, archive or research and teaching – customers use easydb tailored to their needs and benefit from the advantages of an all-encompassing and intuitively operable system.