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Migration of the DAM system at Caritas Switzerland: from Cumulus to fylr

At Caritas Switzerland, images and other digital assets are extremely important for communicating and documenting the diverse activities and projects in Switzerland and 20 other countries. Over the years, the number of digital assets managed in Canto Cumulus has grown to over 165,000. As the DAM manufacturer Canto officially ended support for Cumulus on December 31, 2023, the inventory had to be transferred to a new DAM solution. Caritas Switzerland commissioned the experts at DAM United, who are very experienced with Cumulus system changes, to select the system, carry out the migration, provide data protection-compliant hosting and provide further support.

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Semi-automated migration from Canto Cumulus to fylr (formerly easydb) by Programmfabrik

After reviewing the status and requirements, the DAM consultants (together with the previous Canto partner interaktion) recommended a system change to the fylr DAM system from Programmfabrik. The system switch to fylr carried out by DAM United has proven successful for numerous companies. It is a simple, secure and cost-effective solution for those wishing to switch and benefit from the latest DAM developments and work more effectively with large image stocks.

As a first step, the DAM consultants worked with Caritas Switzerland to develop a consolidated, more effective basis for the future work and management of digital assets. The metadata, structures, user groups and rights etc. that had grown over the years were thoroughly reviewed and adapted to the new possibilities offered by fylr. “This joint consolidation process and the explanation of the new possibilities alone were extremely valuable for us. The DAM from Programmfabrik works with keyword structures and tags, and enables us to get straight to the desired destination. In the Cumulus DAM, we had to navigate through hierarchical category trees, which was much less transparent and time-consuming for us and also more complex to manage,” explains Daniel Galliker, Head of Marketing Services, Caritas Switzerland.

In the next step, Caritas Switzerland independently migrated the 165,000 assets from Cumulus to fylr. Thanks to the DAM United Cumulus to fylr Converter (DAMmigrate) and the mapping of the existing information fields to the new structures, the migration was semi-automated and therefore secure, time and budget-saving. The experts at DAM United customized the converter so that the tool understands the logic in the old and target systems and prepares and transfers the asset inventory accordingly. “Thanks to the support of DAM United and their migration tool, we were able to transfer our large stock of images, including all data, to the new structures of the new DAM system in a way that fit perfectly. We can now say that this process worked very well and nothing was forgotten,” explains Daniel Galliker.

Caritas Switzerland relies on the hosting service of DAM United and its partner OVHcloud, a leading European cloud provider, for the secure, data protection-compliant fylr hosting.

“DAM United promised us an all-round happy service and kept its word. From the initial consultation and system selection to support during the migration, training and minor adjustments, we always felt that we were being well looked after. Everything ran on time and on budget. Today we are happy to work with fylr and to have such a good partner in DAM United for all questions relating to DAM and image use.” Daniel Galliker. “Caritas uses fylr in a nationwide network with over ten independent regional Caritas organizations. We are very happy because fylr is an intuitive solution that does not require extensive training and can also be used effortlessly across language barriers.”