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In practice, there are often recurring tasks: Assets have to be made available for example at Amazon or for a dealer portal. This is where the Flexporter’s individually configurable export profiles come in handy, allowing simple selections to be made as well as complex, nested searches.

Typical restrictions from everyday work:

Flexporter offers a simple solution for automatically transferring assets and metadata from a DAM system to third parties.

The Flexporter offers you these advantages:

"Our Flexporter covers all use cases for the provision of assets for any third-party application. The tool, which can be used intuitively for all DAM systems, simplifies the distribution of small and large amounts of assets and ensures that the files and their descriptions, product names, metadata, etc. are up-to-date. It is another important component to make working with and on assets at enterprise level even more secure and effective".


Simplify your DAM

With our Flexporter, we deliver a simple solution that allows individual asset packages, including metadata, to be transferred from a DAM system to customers, sales, business partners, portals and e-commerce platforms such as Amazon.

The asset names can also be automatically adjusted during the export process, for example, if the images of a product series must contain the article number. The Flexporter also stores which assets have been deployed so that when updates are made, it can only export those assets that have been changed, deleted or added.

The Flexporter is used by the following customers, among others:

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