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Benefit from a local solution to quickly and easily import many images and other files with their associated metadata into your DAM system.

DAM systems are technically mature and functionally powerful, but transferring many assets such as images or documents into the DAM is in practice a manual and time-consuming Sisyphean task. Each asset must be imported individually and tagged with the appropriate metadata. With dozens or hundreds of images, this quickly adds up to many hours of dull import-click work. Think, for example, of products shown from different perspectives or the multitude of assets from events or campaigns. This can lead to a situation where only the minimum information is entered in the metadata maintenance, such as only specifying the product name. This in turn makes it difficult to find the right image quickly later on. We know this from practical experience with many customers and have therefore developed DAMimport.

The tool offers you everything to optimize the quality of the file import and to save precious time. You can easily maintain all metadata including asset names in an Excel or CSV file. The associated files may also be stored in different folders. DAMimport always checks which assets already exist and whether all fields are filled in correctly, and then starts the automated import process. This ensures the highest quality of your asset inventory in DAM. Whether you import 5, 50, or 5,000 files, it doesn’t matter. For large asset inventories, you can also have scheduled (nightly) imports. And import routines are even possible: DAMimport then checks predefined asset folders on a regular basis and imports new or changed files. As a local on-premises solution, DAMimport always ensures a secure import into your DAM system, whether you run it in-house or as a SaaS solution in the cloud.

DAMimport offers you these advantages:

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