For a long time DAM United was a merger of some old-timers in the area of DAM-/MAM-/ Web2Print. In 2017 we decided to offer our customers services and solutions from a single source as DAM United AG. We work from Essen and Berlin on projects in DACH and all over the world.

DAM United AG is the leading international service provider for multimedia solutions in the enterprise sector – closely networked with all leading manufacturers, but 100% independent. Experienced developers, DAM architects, consultants and project managers complement our founding team. We offer manpower for DAM projects of all sizes, worldwide and also for sporting project times.

‘You want to put your DAM project in the hands of experts and be sure that everything runs smoothly? Then you’ve come to the right place!’



has been networking with leading DAM manufacturers, system integrators and numerous DAM users for 25 years. He has been the Director of German Operations for Canto’s DACH business for many years and successfully built Canto’s partner network. In 2006, together with Jens-Thomas Hönow, he founded the DAM service provider ‘The Final Candidate’. Roland Berg is very cordial and honest in his dealings with DAM, and for most customers the first point of contact for the start of a successful DAM project with DAM United AG.


has been involved in the fusion of classical and digital media for 25 years. He has learned the handling of prepress and printing as well as software development from the ground up. He has been in the DAM business since 1997 and has realized DAM projects and developed efficiency-enhancing solutions (e.g. InDesign automation) for numerous well-known customers. In 2008 he founded the DAM service provider FHCon GmbH with his wife Tanja and Oliver Häuser. With his unique experience in the field of offline and online, he acts as Mr. Web-to-Print in the DAM United team.


has been working in the media industry for 20 years. Her expertise ranges from classic printing projects to the creation of digital archives and the design of frontend/GUI based on the latest standards. Prior to her self-employment with FHCon, she worked for ten years in media project management for a large German discounter. Her project management and controlling skills, which she brings to DAM United in addition to her technical and graphic know-how, are correspondingly far-reaching.


has implemented DAM projects in almost all industries over the past 15 years. He has designed and developed numerous interfaces for DAM/PIM/media production in the market. The trained media designer brings enormous experience in consulting, customer care, training/workshops and project implementation to the DAM United team. The 2-meter man and marathon runner has the necessary foresight and stamina to successfully implement even the most complex customer requirements.


is one of the most experienced technical DAM experts worldwide. Over the past 18 years, he has been instrumental in developing and refining the DAM solutions of leading manufacturers such as Canto and OpenText, implementing numerous integrations and designing, implementing and optimizing projects for large international companies. He is the technical mastermind, master of interfaces and internationally sought-after consultant, trainer, certifier, speaker and firefighter.