DAM United Upload Portal Expands Leading Digital Asset Management Systems

DAM United, a leading international service provider for multimedia solutions in the enterprise sector, has developed an extension for the current DAM systems with its upload portal. The DAM United upload portal simplifies all image upload processes for companies. Assets can thus be easily and securely uploaded to DAM, PIM, CMS, etc. Companies can define any number of upload beneficiaries without additional license costs. Images can also be uploaded on the go (mobile) in a fully responsive web interface. Workflows, individual input fields, image properties, etc. guarantee a cleanly maintained asset inventory. The portal can be designed and configured completely individually: e.g. via free text fields, mandatory/voluntary fields, metadata, IDs, deposit of terms of use, logos, images, colors, languages, etc.

“Many DAM users encounter difficulties when uploading images. External users such as photographers have to, for example, be created as DAM users to licensing. It is not possible to upload pictures quickly while on the move, e.g. with a smartphone. And even individual upload options, e.g. for events, are not possible,” explains Roland Berg, CEO of DAM United AG. “The DAM United upload portal puts an end to such restrictions and increases the flexibility and efficiency of the respective DAM system in interaction with each other”.

DAM United offers the upload portal for all common DAM systems (such as Picturepark, CELUM and many more) as a classic purchase variant, in the rental model and as a hosted solution.

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