DAM United offers largest study on the DAM market and its top providers

The analysts from Research In Action interviewed 750 business and IT decision-makers in the upper midmarket in Germany on the subject of Digital Asset Management (DAM) and intensively evaluated the 15 best-known DAM producers. The Research in Action GmbH is an established network of international market analysts with technology emphasis. DAM United appears as exclusive sponsor of the singular study to the DAM market and its Top offerer. Customers, business partners and DAM prospects of the leading DAM service provider and solution provider can request the study “Vendor Selection Matrix ™ – Digital Asset Management 2019 – Germany” free of charge on the DAM United website.

  • The results are based on a unique methodology for comparative producers evaluation, mainly based on surveys, with a full focus on the German market.
  • 60 percent of the evaluation results from the survey of 750 business managers in companies of the upper middle class / large companies from Germany (with at least € 50 million annual turnover): mainly from management, marketing, sales and IT.
  • 40 percent of the rating is based on in-depth interviews with manufacturers, users and analysts (not nearly 100 percent, as with other reports).
  • The 15 DAM providers most frequently mentioned in the survey were evaluated and evaluated in detail.
  • More than 20,000 data points were collected. The data collection took place in Q4 2018 and Q1 2019 as part of a combined telephone and online survey.

„We are delighted to be the exclusive sponsor of the largest DAM study to date. DAM technology is currently experiencing an enormous boom – as the study results show. We also notice this in the strongly increasing demand for DAM services and in the interest in our solutions for greater usability and better international collaboration,” explains Roland Berg, CEO of DAM United AG. “With our new Media Collaboration Technology (MCT) from BRANDGUARDIAN, we offer a significant simplification and acceleration in collaboration. Microsoft is already using the MCT solution to collaborate with production sites on four continents. The company now shares dozens of terabytes of data in real time. Similar to a Google Drive, MCT enables geographically dispersed teams to collaborate on and with assets, but changes are immediately visible everywhere. As a neutral instance, MCT can integrate any DAM systems and other file cloud services into the file system. This guarantees 100% identical file states in media production worldwide. We are the preferred sales and service partner in the DAM sector and see incredible potential in the technology.“

Peter O’Neill, analyst of the study and research director for marketing software at Research In Action GmbH, explains in the study about DAM United: “DAM United is one of the top stagers for DAM services of all kinds and has customers in all industries. The new Media Collaboration Technology offering is very interesting. DAM United has an excellent position for further growth. The experts want to further expand their own DAM add-ons under the claim “Simplify your DAM” and, as the preferred sales partner for the new Media Collaboration Technology in the DAM area, have a strong solution offering for next-generation cloud collaboration.”

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