Trend towards distributed, redundant services architecture (IT-ZOOM)

A total of 750 IT and business decision-makers in the upper midmarket and 15 of the best-known digital asset management manufacturers in Germany were questioned about developments in the DAM sector. We talked about the results of the study with Peter O’Neill, Director of Research In Action, and Roland Berg, CEO of DAM UNITED, a manufacturer-independent DAM service provider.

ITM: What is DAM and how does it distinguish itself from the disciplines of experience, content or brand management?

Peter O’Neill: DAM is becoming a mission-critical platform in the architecture of digital experience technology, because it manages all marketing and product content in all current and future formats. The DAM system delivers these files to the various content delivery platforms. In addition, it is extended in such a way that it not only manages static digital files, but also stores, logs and makes available the entire creation process with variants and instances. The boundaries to adjacent solution areas are fluid. Many DAM manufacturers also offer integrated solutions for marketing automation or brand management.

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