Digital Asset Initiative Launched (IT-DIRECTOR)

Interview with Roland Berg and Andreas Fink, founders of the service provider network “Digital Asset Management (DAM) United”, about the goals of the new organization and what user companies can expect from it.

IT-DIRECTOR: Mr. Berg, Mr. Fink, you recently co-founded “DAM United”, a network of service providers. What were your motives?
R. Berg:
Not only in the private sector is the flood of images increasing rapidly, companies are also creating, buying, using and archiving more and more images and videos. Digital assets are becoming more and more important, both for presentation and for knowledge management. Images are created along the entire value chain, right up to the application of the product by the end customer. And there are more and more channels such as Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Blogs, in which companies also have to present themselves professionally. In short: Digital Asset Management has long since ceased to be a gimmick for creative people. The demand for DAM solutions and the corresponding know-how is rising accordingly. It was against this background that we founded the network. It consists of experienced DAM specialists, which enables us to advise and serve customers much better – worldwide.

A. Fink: Moreover, as a service provider you always have a specialization and know certain systems or solutions particularly well. However, the numerous DAM systems differ in terms of special functions, scalability, performance, usability and flexibility. For example, anyone who uses images online for websites, shops, etc. has completely different requirements than a company that also prints brochures, catalogues, flyers, etc. on a regular basis. Those who work centrally with only a few participants need a different solution than a decentralized organization. With the new organisation, we can now offer the entire range of solutions, and this, so to speak, producer-neutral.

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