DAM United upgrades STAEDTLER to CELUM ContentHub 6

DAM United, the leading international experts for multimedia solutions in the enterprise sector and close CELUM partner, have completely modernized the digital asset management at STAEDTLER. The focus of the project was the upgrade of the outdated CELUM IMAGINE DAM to the CELUM ContentHub 6.

In workshops, the basis for the big move was developed: In close cooperation, folder structures, keywords, user roles and rights, assignments, etc. were renewed and many detailed questions were clarified (for example, the automatic DAM export according to Amazon guidelines). DAM United created a tool that automatically assigns nodes/keywords to assets via mapping Excel lists: e.g. Asset X is a red pencil sharpener and has the item number 123456

One focus was the optimization of the dealer portal

With the integration of DAM United DAM Access, merchants no longer need to be created as users in CELUM ContentHub. They do not need a separate login, can easily find desired assets and work more effectively. DAM Access is able to display assets and their organizational structures via a modern, responsive HTML5 interface. The intuitive interface is immediately understandable for everyone. Neither STAEDTLER nor the specialist dealers have to worry about compliance with Amazon guidelines when naming images.


Result - effective DAM solution based on CELUM ContentHub 6 and DAM United DAM Access

"We and our resellers benefit from a cutting-edge CELUM cloud solution, an optimal database and tailor-made processes. DAM Access is a great relief, because we no longer have a jumble of external DAM users and specialist dealers really only see what they should have access to. This makes work a lot easier. The experts at DAM United have done an excellent job in all phases. We have always felt well advised and secure."

Marion Weigl, Staedtler Mars GmbH & Co. KG


STAEDTLER is one of the oldest industrial companies in Germany and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of writing, painting, drawing and modeling products. With its products, the company inspires the creativity of its customers for a lifetime: from the first crayon in early childhood to products for creative design, the stationery and creative goods manufacturer offers a wide range of products for all age groups and demands, while also rethinking tried and tested products against the background of digitalization. The company has its headquarters in Nuremberg and employs 3,000 people in 26 affiliated companies worldwide. More than 1,200 people are employed in its home market of STAEDTLER. In production, the company remains true to its roots and focuses on quality “Made in Germany”: Almost two-thirds of all STAEDTLER products are manufactured in Germany. Further information: https://www.staedtler.com


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