Musterring extends CELUM ContentHub with DAM Access and Asset Uploader from DAM United

DAM United, the leading international experts in enterprise multimedia solutions and close CELUM partner, has introduced an effective and future-proof overall DAM solution for Musterring and its 400 international retail partners. This meets the requirements in the area of collaborative media production and efficient interaction with dealers via the extranet. Musterring International Josef Höner GmbH & Co. KG is a supplier of furniture and furnishing products.

The experts at DAM United provided Musterring with all-round support in the design of their asset management with their full service: from the initial definition of the project goals and requirements to the DAM system selection and the implementation of CELUM ContentHub 6, customising and training.

Musterring also benefits from the seamless integration of DAM United DAM Access – a modern, responsive HTML5 interface as a link to the DAM system. Through DAM United’s own solution, Musterring specialist dealers have easy access to all product images in the extranet via single sign-on. A complicated full access to the DAM system, which requires a licence, is avoided by DAM Access. The digital assets for the desired product can be found quickly via full-text search and filter options. Dealers can search for images and download the results from any device, from anywhere. The intuitive DAM Access interface is immediately understandable for everyone.

In addition, the DAM United Asset Uploader has been implemented. This facilitates the uploading of assets and offers, among other things, the possibility to upload images directly from a trade fair into the DAM system. Thanks to the simple interface, even those users who rarely or never work with CELUM directly can upload images into the system. The most important image information can be set directly during the upload, so that less effort is required in CELUM for the post-processing of newly created images.

"With our "Simplify your DAM" solutions, we increase the usability of the market-leading DAM systems for specific user groups or application situations. There are countless practical examples in which users simply need to upload or select images. Or where external users should have access to an image pool, e.g. while on the road. Or in which image rights should be queried in an uncomplicated and secure manner," says Roland Berg, CEO of DAM United.

Result - impressive, always up-to-date visual experience that supports market success worldwide

"DAM United supported us optimally in all project phases. In particular, we were impressed by the well-founded system selection based on user stories, support during the presentations, a PoC and price negotiations. Only when it was clear that CELUM was really the most suitable DAM for our requirements could we decide on the system. From then on, the project went like clockwork: DAM United expertly took care of data transfer, implementation, customisation, training, etc. Result: Thanks to the customised project design with CELUM ContentHub and DAM Access, we are able to offer our customers and specialist retailers an impressive, always up-to-date visual experience with little effort of our own, which supports our market success worldwide," explains Florian Milchers, Project Manager IT, Musterring International Josef Höner GmbH & Co. KG

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The Musterring International Josef Höner GmbH & Co. KG is a supplier of furniture and furnishing products. Since 1938, the company and its subsidiary brand set one by Musterring have stood for top quality. Further information:

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