DAM United DAMmigrate enables semi-automated data transfer from the old to a new DAM

DAM system changes are sometimes unavoidable. DAMmigrate from DAM United prepares assets and data from a previous DAM so that they can be imported into any new DAM. Once set up, customers or their partners can use and customize DAMmigrate independently if they wish. With the “Simplify your DAM” solutions (DAMmigrate and many more), DAM United increases the usability of the market-leading DAM systems for specific user groups or application situations.

DAMmigrate offers these advantages to those willing to switch:

"Partially automated and secure transfer of data from one DAM to a new DAM - DAMmigrate reduces effort, costs and gray hair. It is a field-proven solution for the partially automated migration of the entire asset inventory, including asset data. It allows even very large asset inventories and catalogs to be transferred to a new DAM system quickly, with minimal impact on the budget and without errors," explains Roland Berg, CFO of DAM United.

Portrait Roland Berg

The DAM United team has been closely networked with the leading DAM manufacturers for many years and thus offers unique, vendor-neutral consulting expertise for a system change from one to another DAM.

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