DAM United implements efficient DAM solution for GELSENWASSER with CELUM

DAM United, a specialist for multimedia solutions in the enterprise sector, has realised a technically and functionally outstanding digital asset management solution for its customer GELSENWASSER AG. The technical basis is CELUM 5, which has been further adapted to GELSENWASSER’s requirements for its internal asset portal for employees and the external press portal with some “Simplify your DAM” solutions from DAM United.

DAM United’s Asset Uploader enables Gelsenwasser to easily yet securely upload assets to the CELUM DAM and guarantee a cleanly maintained asset inventory. Previously, only a few licensed editors could upload data to CELUM, which was sent to them in a cumbersome way by e-mail. Now, any other person can also upload data into the system, e.g. employees who visit construction sites, facilities, etc. and document them. A simplified workflow makes it easy to assign pictures to locations, projects, events, etc.

DAM Access, a modern, responsive HTML5 interface for searching and displaying assets, was implemented to replace the outdated CELUM Webgate. The solution allows Gelsenwasser to easily search, view and use assets and their organisational structures from anywhere with any device, detached from the CELUM server. Data is accessed according to a “rating” – i.e. only images that have 3 to 5 stars are played out via DAM Access.

Metadata Editor: Until now, metadata could only be maintained directly in CELUM DAM by the few authorised editors. With DAM United’s Simplify solution, metadata can now also be managed and updated by users outside the system – very easily.

Result - efficient DAM solution based on CELUM and modules from the Simplify your DAM family


GELSENWASSER AG is one of the largest drinking water supply companies in Germany. In addition to its water supply division, the company is also involved in the fields of waste water and electricity and gas supply.

Further information: https://www.gelsenwasser.de

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