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Musterring – strong furniture brand and 400 international trade partners

The Musterring International Josef Höner GmbH & Co. KG is a supplier of furniture and furnishing products. Since 1938 the company has stood for top quality with its subsidiary brand set one by Musterring. Musterring uses a large number of professionally prepared images, videos, PDFs and other digital assets to communicate and promote its product range via various channels and media. The approximately 400 retail partners worldwide have easy access to professional product information including images via a specialist dealer extranet.

Solved: Always new challenges with and around digital assets

Challenge: Use of a modern DAM as a single point of truth for all digital assets

As DAM, Musterring used a service provider’s own development, which no longer met the requirements in the area of collaborative media production and efficient interaction with dealers via the extranet. In the future, there had to be a single point of truth for all digital assets: integrated with the PIM and with automated output of the most up-to-date images in the various channels. Musterring was looking for an effective and future-proof overall DAM solution.

Solution: Implementation of CELUM ContentHub 6, DAMaccess and DAMupload

The experts at DAM United provided Musterring with full-service support in designing its asset management system: from the initial definition of project goals and requirements, through DAM system selection, to the implementation of CELUM ContentHub 6, customizing and training.

Musterring also benefits from the seamless integration of DAMaccess – a modern, responsive HTML5 interface that connects to the DAM system. DAM United’s own solution gives Musterring dealers easy access to all product images on the extranet via single sign-on. DAMaccess avoids complicated, full access to the DAM system, which is subject to licensing. The digital assets for the desired product can be found quickly via full text search and filter options. Dealers can search for images and download the results with any device from anywhere. The intuitive DAMaccess interface is immediately understandable for everyone.

Furthermore, DAM United DAMupload was implemented. This simplifies the upload of assets and offers, among other things, the possibility of uploading images directly from a trade fair into the DAM system. Thanks to the simple interface, even those users who rarely or never work directly with CELUM can upload images into the system. The most important image information can be set directly during the upload process, so that less effort is required in CELUM for the post-processing of newly created images.

Challenge: Display product images and data in various web stores in a smart-automated way - and guarantee a secure asset lifecycle

In order to display products in various web stores, digital assets from the CELUM system have to be merged with data from the akeneo Product Information Management System (PIM) and, in some cases, delivered with image derivatives to the store engines. Managing this mass export of digital assets and product information was always time-consuming, consumed resources and was usually only performed at predefined time intervals.

Solution: Connection of CELUM DAM and Akeneo PIM + DAMlivery

DAM United has set up an efficient solution for Musterring for this as well: The digital assets in CELUM are mapped to the product structure in the Akeneo PIM using the Akeneo Connector from DAM United’s Swiss partner brix IT Solutions. Product images and the associated product data are thus available in bundled form. This is where DAMlivery from DAM United comes into play: images are provided via URL directly from DAMlivery in the correct size and resolution and integrated on the external systems (webshops). There is no longer any need for a separate upload.

Instead of exporting thousands of digital assets in countless formats and variations from the DAM system to specific destinations, they are available in the DAMlivery server with unique URLs – at any time and in every conceivable format and variation. This saves Musterring a lot of time, and the company also has end-to-end control over all published images for the first time. To do this, those responsible simply have to delete the URL in DAMlivery or adjust the stored image, and all associated sources are updated. This ensures an asset lifecycle in a simple way.

Result: Impressive, always up-to-date visual experience that supports market success worldwide

"DAM United supported us optimally in all project phases. In particular, we were impressed by the well-founded system selection based on user stories, support during the presentations, a PoC and price negotiations. Only when it was clear that CELUM was really the most suitable DAM for our requirements, we could decide in favor of the system. From then on, the project went like clockwork: DAM United expertly handled data transfer, implementation, customization, training, etc. Result: thanks to the customized project design with CELUM ContentHub and DAMaccess, we offer our customers and retailers an impressive, always up-to-date visual experience with little effort of our own, which supports our market success worldwide. We are also excited about the new automated way of displaying product images and data in various webshops and other channels. With DAMlivery, we can manage the delivery process much more efficiently and guarantee a secure asset lifecycle. It's a great advantage for us to save costs while having easy access to all published images via just one central source or URL."