German Red Cross

Customer since 2012

DRK - part of the largest humanitarian organization in the world

The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement is the largest humanitarian organization in the world with 191 National Societies. The German Red Cross is part of this worldwide community. The German Red Cross has a federal structure and is one of the largest humanitarian organizations in Germany, together with the Federal Association and innumerable state / district associations and local societies as well as the Association of Sister Societies. The mission of the DRK-Service GmbH is to provide services for associations and institutions under the auspices of the Red Cross, to promote and disseminate the ideas of the Red Cross, to carry out advertising measures, and to distribute publications and items of importance to the work of the German Red Cross.

Challenge - Effective Digital Asset Management

Images, videos and assets play a special role in the work and communication of the DRK. One challenge is the management of the assets, but also their internal provision for employees, the archive and external service providers. Therefore the DRK was looking for a suitable DAM solution and a capable DAM service provider.

Solution - Use of CELUM DAM and DAM United DAMaccess

As a full-service partner for all questions concerning asset management and CELUM DAM, DRK-Service GmbH has chosen DAM United in 2012. DAM United realized the central image portal in the intranet on the basis of the CELUM DAM and took over the corresponding customizing and programming. Thus, for example, the employees of the DRK associations receive easy-to-use access to the images relevant to them via individual online access. In the case of long image sequences, only the best images and videos are displayed in a time-saving live preview. This means they do not have to deal with the complex functions of the DAM system, but can quickly and easily use the assets they currently need in the web interface. This saves a lot of time and is very much in line with the federal structure of the DRK. DAM United has repeatedly implemented ongoing operational optimizations as well as major version updates for the DRK.

With DAM United DAMaccess, the organization also benefits from a modern, responsive HTML5 interface for searching and displaying assets. Authorized internal and external users can search for images from anywhere using any device and download or request the results. The intuitive interface is immediately understandable for everyone.

Result - Professional communication with 28,000+ digital assets

"We have been working closely with DAM United since 2012 and are very satisfied with the individual technical advice, expertise and results. We always have a competent contact person for all questions relating to digital asset management, including peripheral issues such as hosting, etc. DAM United works very transparently, always within budget and easy for us to plan."