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At a glance

DAM United AG

DAM United AG is one of the leading service providers for multimedia solutions in the enterprise sector – closely networked with all leading manufacturers, but 100% independent.

We have been involved with DAM solutions ever since digital assets have existed and have served customers of all sizes, in all industries and far beyond national borders. There is one key trend here: the requirements are becoming more and more complex. There are more and more channels that need to be supplied with assets in the right format. The importance of digital asset management is increasing. At the same time, DAM solutions are also becoming more powerful and smarter. What has remained the same over all these years, however, is our promise to our customers: We make it easy for you. We break down the complexity for you and create easy-to-use solutions with clear added value. Solutions that run smoothly, avoid duplication and are future-proof.

Our customers include firo sportphoto, GELSENWASSER, Gimborn, Kerbl, Musterring, the Senate Departments Berlin and STAEDTLER.

Our expertise for your DAM project

In the digital age, images, videos and other digital assets are becoming increasingly important in the communication of companies and institutions of all sizes. At the same time, every customer has very individual requirements for a DAM system that is tailor-made for them. This challenge forms the cornerstone of our work.

Simplify your DAM

In addition to our full service for your DAM project, we offer solutions with our “Simplify your DAM” family that increase the usability of market-leading DAM systems for specific user groups or application situations.

DAMupload simplifies the uploading of assets in any use case.

DAMaccess increases flexibility in the use of assets. Easily browse, view, use, request assets and their organisational structures from anywhere, on any device, at no additional cost to authorised users or levels of access.

With DAMlivery you benefit from the unique delivery platform for images and other assets from any data source and a secure asset life cycle!

DAMflexport is a simple solution that allows individual asset packages, along with metadata, to be delivered from within a DAM system to customers, sales, business partners, portals and e-commerce platforms such as Amazon.

DAMconsent helps customers obtain and manage consent for personal data in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

With DAMmetadata, users can display and edit metadata from the DAM via a modern, responsive HTML5 interface without the need for the editor to have direct access to the DAM system.