CoFS – Single Point of Truth for your brand

The Powerful DAM Collaboration Solution for Media Production

DAM United is the first sales and implementation partner for the virtual real-time file system solution for multi-cloud environments developed by BRANDGUARDIAN over many years. This service bundle, known as CoFS, is built on a unique micro services architecture called Media Collaboration Technology (MCT). Similar to a Google Drive, the solution enables geographically dispersed teams (e.g. multiple agencies, freelancers, local marketing departments) to collaborate on and with assets, but changes are immediately visible everywhere. As a neutral instance, MCT can integrate any DAM systems and other file cloud services into the CoFS file system. This guarantees 100% identical file states in media production, worldwide, as well as a significant simplification and acceleration of collaboration.

CoFS is already being used by Microsoft to collaborate with manufacturing facilities on four continents. The company now shares dozens of terabytes of data in real time!

The successes of Microsoft:

  • 500% shorter time-to-market
  • 40% more punctual delivery
  • 22% Cost reduction thanks to lean processes
  • Process overhead reduction: 1 agency instead of 22
  • Massive upscaling: 5x as many projects, 5x as many languages, 3x as many assets
  • Safely and quickly share dozens of TB data with 5 production sites on 4 continents
Instant availability
Documents and media like images, audio or video files are available all the time, from anywhere. All users have 24-hour access to the latest versions of files and are notified immediately when documents are changed or if new documents are created – saving you time, money and stress.

Intuitive usability
CoFS makes file exchange faster and simpler than ever. It can be integrated into file systems from Windows and macOS seamlessly, so your employees and external partners can carry on working just as they always have – but better.

Smart functions for fast and secure working
Tasks like managing different versions of files or comparing differences during synchronization are performed in the background. This gives your users the freedom to concentrate on their main task: making strong brands even stronger – everywhere, all the time.

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