Partner since 2020

AdmiralCloud is part of the mmpro film and media production. The mmpro was founded in Berlin in 1999 and today has the largest bookable film production network in the world with 1400 film teams. In 2009 the mmpro was extended by the digital asset management solution AdmiralCloud and the associated picture editing service.

AdmiralCloud was completely redesigned in 2015 and has been used since then by major enterprises, medium-sized companies and agencies for the optimal visualization and comprehensive provision of all image, audio, document and video content. AdmiralCloud develops standard DAM solutions in order to combine company-specific requirements and use cases even better. The references include: Continental, Vattenfall, Metro Group, Bilfinger, Vivantes, Die Techniker, documenta and many more.

“DAM United is the top dog in the DAM environment. We are impressed by the concentrated competence of the entire team and are extremely pleased with the positive assessment of our solution, which is comparable to a professional accolade. Our goal is to bring the handling of digital assets to a new, contemporary level: extremely secure and high-performance in the basis, yet intuitive and flexible in use.”

Roman Schikorsky, CEO AdmiralCloud

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